About us

With the exponential growth of digital content, content discovery and content distribution has become increasingly challenging in today's world. Fragmented content market makes it challenging for distribution channels to get access to right content in minimal timeframe and for content providers, small time artists and independent content creators to make sure their content reach the right audiences and they are able to monetize efficiently out of it.

The Mooditt Digital store is a one stop shop for variety of digital content. It is being positioned as a common platform for Content publishers and Distribution channels. Publishers will be able to push their products-spanning music, audio, text, images, e-books, etc-via multiple distribution channels, such as telecom operators, application providers, radio channels, DTH , IPTV etc. The Mooditt Digital store resolves the issue of content discovery and intermediated activities, such as commercial arrangements, content publishing and business operations.

Our global content portfolio includes over 1,000,000 digital content spanning audio, video, games, e-books, etc. We have mutually beneficial partnerships with more than 150 content providers across various regions.

Our global footprint spans 31 customers, who provide content-based services.