Q. If I don't have a business . Can I still buy content from Mooditt Digital Store?

Ans : Mooditt Digital store is for Content Partners and Distribution channels like Telecom Operators, Media Houses,Radio Channels,DTH, IPTV, application providers etc .

Q. How do I provide feedback?

Ans : We're always happy to receive feedback or suggestion from our users.You can reach out to us with feedback or suggestion on :
Content Providers:
Buyer :

Q. How do I check if my right phone number and email address are registered?

Ans : You can try creating new profile with the same email id and phone number .if system doesn't allow and says "The number is already registered or emaild id already registered" that means it is the right number and email id registered with us. If you don't get error message that means it not registered. To get it change you can reach on the below email ids:
Content Providers:

Q. How to edit my profile?

Ans : You can anytime login to your dashboard and view your profile. To edit any field click on edit button and submit the request whatever field needs to be changed.

Content Providers
Q. Is my content safe from piracy?

Ans : Digital content store is powered by securty layers such DRM , Geographic filter which will restrict piracy of content

Q. What content is not allowed on mooditt digital store?

Ans : Non IPR content
(a) any vulgar, obscene content.
(b) any adverse, offensive / derogatory reference to corporations or brands.
(c) any adverse, offensive / derogatory reference to any personality, living or dead.(d) any adverse, offensive / derogatory reference to communities, living or extinct.
(e) any adverse, offensive / derogatory reference to any city, building, geographical feature, etc. that can be singularly / uniquely identified in the world.
(f) any adverse, offensive / derogatory reference to any gender.
(g) any adverse, offensive / derogatory reference to animals.
(h) any adverse, offensive / derogatory reference to physical / racial attributes.
(i) any Content which depicts sexually explicit images, is lascivious or appeals to the prurient interest or the effect whereof is such as to tend to deprave or corrupt any person.
(j) any Content, the presentation, dissemination or disclosure whereof, infringes any intellectual property right or confidentiality obligation.
(k) any Content which Comviva / Customer, acting in its sole discretion, declares to be opposed to standards of morality or decency, or to be opposed to public policy or to Comviva's / Customer's internal code of conduct or other policies/guidelines adopted by Comviva / Customer.
(l) any adverse, offensive / derogatory reference to any other companies, organizations, religious associations, political parties, governments (state and central), anyone.s private life, any other commercial and non-commercial entities.
(l) Any Content, which could give ground for action for defamation or misrepresentation or breach of confidence or breach of copyright or is otherwise offensive to the public.
(m) AnyContent that communicates words, which incite terrorism, the misuse of weapon, or encourage or incite a person to commit criminal offence.
(n) AnyContent that suggests or encourages or incites any person to use harmful substance or to engage in dangerous practices.
(o) AnyContent whose purpose, either directly or indirectly, is to promote the sale of goods or services, shall bear an identification stating that the message or program is an advertisement.The Content of the message or program which is an advertisement shall comply with the applicable code and advertising standards.
(p) Any Content that advertises alcohol, tobacco, firearms, feminine hygiene products (or similarly objectionable products that artists typically don't wish to be associated).
(q) Any Content that infringes on the privacy rights of any individual or organization.

Q. How to add new content in mooditt digital store ?

Ans : CP to select single / Bulk upload option , fill the metadata along with clip files & upload the same.

Q. how can I get the issue of content uploading resolved?

Ans : Send mail to & wait for assistance

Q. What is the mode of payment?

Ans : Payment would be done as per signed agreement in local or USD. For content monitized on Telco, payment would be made to partner with in 30 days of getting paid from Telco.

Q. How can I place a request for content?

Ans : You can select the content type and add to your cart. Create your account and raise the request . Or you can send enquiry to us through "Contact us" .

Q. Where can I see my order created?

Ans : You can login to your account and view the dashboard. Still need any more help contact us on

Q. How the content is made available on my service?

Ans : Content will be synced to your system based on the methodology choosen at the time of account creation. There are three types of method push , pull or integrate with third party CMS.

Q. Can I place order for individual content?

Ans : As buyers of Mooditt Digital Store are distribution channels who uses the content for their services that are finally consumed by end customer. Hence the offering is bulk content as per the selected content type, Individual content can't be purchased from here.